Framework for building conversational/voice interfaces for Google Assistant.

  • Utilizes flask to provide a clean and simple interface communicating with API.AI via HTTP JSON requests.
  • Provides the option to design and create all the necessary compentents required for an API.AI agent directly from your text editor/terminal
  • Over 120 stars on github

Documentation at Read the Docs and generated with sphinx

Source Code on Github


Main Contributor

Flask-ask is a Flask extension that makes building Alexa skills for the Amazon Echo easier and much more fun.

  • Implemented support for Audio Streaming
  • Redesigned library architecture to maintain compaitibilty with future API changes
  • Documented code base


Creator Stream new music from reddit and soundcloud.

  • Provides a simple dashboard for streaming the latest music from selected sources
  • Uses a Flask backend to serve a REST API
  • Frontend built with Vue.js
  • Built on a flask backend with flask-sqlalchemy and Postgresql
  • Hosted using Heroku and Firebase

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Simple SP-404 "emulator"